Some history about how I started making art

When I was a kid, like 7-8 years old I was drawing iconic anime Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) characters on the cardboard paper and then we would cut them out and play fighting games with them :). I also did some DBZ posters at that time. The poster usually were copied from the posters that I saw somewhere else. The characters were drawn entirely from the memory from watching the anime everyday :D. Back in the day we had no computer or internet so there was no way to look at the references. I remember I’ve had a few “commissions” from my friends to draw them characters and they wanted to watch while I was drawing :). They did not say anything, just watched and really praised me afterwards. So it was “hourly commissions under supervision from the customer” :D, but I did not get paid anything, I think I did not care about the money when I was a kid, it was all just fun and games.

These drawings are probably more than 15 years old:

I also was doing some gift drawings with colored pencils for my family and friends of various subjects non including DBZ.

I remember I was drawing most of my life and only at around 11-12 grade and early university years I stopped for a several years. I don’t remember the reasons why I stopped making art, but luckily later I started again.

At around 2012-2013 I started drawing again and worked on commissions through freelance websites like on, and, mostly digital art with tablet, but some traditional ones too. These commission sites gave me an opportunity to get paid for drawing. I didn’t knew that the artists could get paid drawing pictures or that I, specifically,  could get paid. It was a new idea for me and it really gave me tons of motivation and confidence. I was doing everything that I could get my hands on, let it be logo, painting, banner, character etc… It also gave lots of experience to work with real customer needs, with their projects, how to talk to customers and so on…

These are some of my older artworks:

In early 2017 I finally narrowed down my focus and started a Grimsoul Art project where I am now. I am happy with it. I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years now, with no longer breaks. I’ve learned a LOT and am eager to learn a lot more in the future.

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