Grimsoul Art / Darius Molotokas

Grimsoul Art – my pseudonym, my real name is Darius Molotokas and I am an artist from Lithuania. I was always deeply enthusiastic about the possibility of living a life of art. I believe that artists absolutely need the freedom to pursue their craft for healthy life.

I express my own passions for the darker side of the world and pen and ink is what shapes it. I am heavily inspired by the heavy metal  music, horror and other dark, deep, twisted films or books. I take inspiration from such great artists as Mark Riddick, Chris Moyen, Blial Cabal, Defame, Gustave Doré, Christopher Lovell also the bands Motorhead, Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Rotting Christ, Archgoat, Acid Witch, Gaahls Wyrd and many more are all idols of mine. In my free time I do like to play electric guitar, ride a bike or indulge in a great movie or book.

Familiar with depression and anxiety in my personal life, I see metal music and dark art as the way of getting in touch with myself and helping myself to cope. I want other rebellious, creative young people to know that they are never alone and we are on the same journey!