Inspiration for skull artists – 25 animal skulls

Some inspiration for artists who, like me, like to draw skulls. In this video you can see 21 animal skulls. The crocodile one looks super badass in my opinion. The cobra’s skull looks super scary too.

Plus 4 super badass skulls, not included in this video that I’ve found on the internet and really liked.

1. Ibex skull. Pure Satan for sure :)!

Authors: Klaus Rassinger and Gerhard Cammerer, Museum Wiesbaden, picture and license here.

2. Vampire bat skull. Hella badass and scary! Look at those upper teeth.

Author: Mokele, picture and license here.

3. Gila monster lizard skull. Looks like a badass mini crocodile to me.

Author: Ryan Somma, picture and license here.

4. Python skull. Look at those teeth, once he bites, I believe there is no escape.

Author: Lizardperson, picture and license here.



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