How to make your own textures for your artworks

In this blog post I will share how I made my own textures to use in my artworks.

The techniques, which I’ve used, to make some of my own textures are:

  1. Taking photos of gravel, dirt, ground, trees, sky;
  2. Using a scanner. You could draw some rough lines, ink splatters or crumple the paper and then scan it for some interesting effects. You could also scan something as it is, for example, scanning a cardboard paper from the back of my drawing paper (See my example below).

These are some of my texture examples and how they were made:

Black and white scan of cardboard taken from the back cover of my drawing paper.

Made various marking on a sheet of paper, then crumpled it, scanned it and made halftone dots. You can create halftones in GIMP. See my previous blog post on how to do that.

Obviously a photo of dirt. You could use that with a different blending modes in your drawing software for interesting effects. On the right – same photo with manipulated contrast/brightness and removed colors.

Made various markings on the paper and scanned it.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below and if you found some value in this short blog post!

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