1. How much the illustration costs?

I usually have no set price for my illustrations and every project is different. It depends on the complexity and how fast you want it completed. Also on what products you want to use it and for how long. Do you need exclusive licence or non-exclusive.

If it’s a already made artwork that you like from my gallery, the price can be a little lower than for a custom commissioned work, because there is less work for me.

2. How long it takes for you to complete the illustration?

Usually it takes 7-10 business days, but it depends on how busy I am and the time-frame can wary. Better to ask me on the specific project.

3. What are payment methods?

PayPal Only for international orders. 50% non-refundable deposit to get the ball rolling and 50% leftover when the final design is finished and approved. Bank Transfer is available if you are from Lithuania.

4. What rights do I get?

You get the rights on which we agree. I always keep these rights to myself (unless agreed on different terms):
4.1. I keep ownership to copyright to artwork and retain rights to sell art prints, posters, stickers, mugs, phone cases with the image.
4.2. I am going to use the illustration on my portfolio and social media for marketing purposes.
4.3. I retain the right to sell Art Original to collectors. If you would like to buy the Art Original yourself please say so and we can work out the additional pricing and shipping.

I am not going to sell the art on clothing items if I work with a band or clothing brand, but it depends on the client.

5. Can I get an invoice?

Sure. If you need an invoice I would like to have your full name and address. If you are not comfortable giving out your address I am fine with just a full name or company name.

6. How about contract/agreement?

We can sign a contract for sure, but if the project is small I suggest not to waste our time and let this FAQ to be our legal agreement.

7. Cancellation

The 50% deposit is not refundable. If a client nonetheless does not want or refuses to accept the Art and don’t want to use it, Artist may decide whether or not to complete it, and will exclusively retain all rights to it. The cancellation fee is 25% of the total agreed amount and will be paid by the client if the project is canceled by the client at any phrase.

8. What files will be delivered?

You will get vector .SVG and .PDF files for print and also color separated .PSD raster file. Other file format can be exported upon request if possible.

9. What tools are you using?

For the most part I use Sukura Pigma Micron pens also some black markers for the drawing itself and for a background I use Indian Black Ink and brush. Of course and a pencil for a sketch. Then after scanning some graphic tablet and digital inking, if needed, to finalize and clean up the design.

Chech my YouTube channel for process videos

10. If it is written that the work is sold to other client on your website can you sell it to me too?

It depends on the licence that the art was sold with. If it was sold under exclusive licence than no, but I would be happy to create something similar, just let me know what you like about the design and we might be able to work something out. If the art was sold under non-exclusive licence we can discuss the opportunities to use the art for your needs.

11. What is the process from start to finish?

Once we agree on the price, delivery time, project description and other things like invoices/contracts (if needed) I will wait for the deposit payment. After I get 50% deposit I will start working on a pencil sketch. After sketching is done, I will send it to you to take a look at and possibly give me some comments if needed. After I get your revisions I will apply them and start working on the finished piece. Then I will send the preview images off a finished piece and will wait for 50% leftover fee. After I have got a whole agreed fee I will send a final high resolution and source files.