Art for sale rights page

The Artist agrees to allow the Buyer of this Artwork to use the Artwork to create any physical or digital product for personal or commercial needs. The Buyer can use the Artwork on any product he wishes, he can create any number of products he wants and can sell them in any location of the world indefinitely.

The Buyer agrees to these limitations:

 Artist retains copyright of the Artwork;

 Artist retains the right to sell art prints digitally or physically using this Artwork indefinitely on any platform and in any location of the world he desires;

• Artist retains the right to display (for marketing purposes) the Artwork on his portfolio website and/or social media and/or in any other format with his name on it, stating that the Artwork was created by the Artist;

• Artwork digital files cannot be re-sold or sublicensed by itself;

By buying this Artwork the Buyer agrees to all the rules written above this statement.