You will never be fully ready

In this short blog post I want to talk about being ready to start something, for example business, commissions, quitting your current job and finding a new one, starting a YouTube channel, it can be whatever that you want to start. You just not feel like you are good enough, like you are just not ready and you need to wait for a month, for a year, for 10 years… to be fully ready. For example, you want to start a YouTube channel and you feel like first you need to get a good camera to do that, because your videos will be shit if you film it with your phone right? Well NO, there is a bunch of people out there who starts with just a phone and over time they build their following, their skills, their quality and can actually afford a better camera. In other words, our doubts and insecurities tell us these stories that we are not good enough so we won’t change or do things, because human nature likes comfort in general and comfort is good enough, but is it good enough for you?

The thing is you will never feel fully ready and you don’t need to, you just have to start and do it. Same thing happened to me around 3 years ago when, I was about to start my art brand Grimsoul Art. At the beginning, I remember, I doubted myself and waited for like 3 weeks to a month before I finally had the strength to fill everything out legally, open up my website, upload my art and so on. I felt like – shit – now it is for real! Even after a few years, starting to write a blog was a bit scary too to begin. I felt like I will not know what to write about, no one will read my blog posts, they won’t be of a good enough quality or people won’t find any value in it… But like WHAT A HELL, I started, and over time, with persistence, I will learn to write them better, I will research the ideas to write about, maybe in the process I will gain a few readers who will find it valuable and interesting and if I suck at it, well, fuck then, at least I will know and start a new thing until something sticks. So starting and doing is THE KEY and over time it will get less and less scary, to try new ideas, to draw new things, to work with customers and continually build your brand and skills.

I think that happens in most aspects of our lives if we want to start something or to change something we feel fear and the old selves trying to talk us back from it, but if we can persist and accumulate the courage and strength we eventually feel good that we did it, we feel respect for yourselves, we gain confidence for doing it. That happened to me and it can surely happen to you too.


Let me know your thoughts and if you have had any similar experiences and/or questions!

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