What’s good about this 2020 covid19 crisis?

In this short blog post I want to talk a little bit about what’s good from this horrible Covid 19 crisis.

Since most of us are working or worked from home, it allowed us to have more free time, because we don’t need to drive to the office and no driving back home too. Also, we saved not only time, but money too, less money on fuel and food, since we don’t eat out as much now, which is expensive. I’ve also learned to cook food,  even better than I was able before, with all this time. Food is maybe a little bit healthier too since I prepare most of it myself with good ingredients.

The pandemic also gave me and probably some people too more vacations than usual, which is always a good thing. For some the crisis provided more time with their family and loved ones. Sure, I personally lost my job because of it, but that allowed me to work more on my own projects and have some time for self reflection with the slowed down pace of life.

In conclusion, this pandemic is not all bad, you probably saved some money, got way more free time and it provided the opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, self-reflect, work on self improvement and set your priorities straight for the future, when things get better.

Let me know what good things happened to you during this pandemic in the comments down below!

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