What happened when I stopped caffeine ingestion

So one day I’ve decided to stop drinking coffee and black tea (and caffeine in general), just to see what happens to my body. I’ve also watched some videos on Youtube that caffeine is not very healthy on your body actually and it is a “drug” for sure. I also love self improvement of any kind and like to try ideas. I’ve been drinking 1-2 cups of strong coffee and a couple cups of black tea pretty much everyday. I know it’s not very heavy caffeine use, but still I wanted to try and see if I see any benefits on my body and mind without it.

So, after around 2 months I feel like my energy is much more stable, I also don’t have headaches (not 100% sure if it relates to that, but I strongly believe so) anymore and my anxiety decreased greatly. When I stopped drinking it, I realised that I really don’t need it that much, except from occasional thoughts on how it would be nice to drink a cup of coffee for the taste, but I can ignore it. I’ve also heard that digestion should be better without it too. I will stay without caffeine for sure, because the benefits are nice and are greater than my desire to drink it.
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