Most common t-shirt printing methods

In this post I will share 2 most common T-Shirt printing methods with some advantages and disadvantages.

1. Screen Printing – best printing method if you want exceptional quality and longevity of your T-Shirt. When properly printed, it can last 20-30 years. One downside would be that you typically can’t order just one T-Shirt, because of the manufacturing process, and the minimum order can be 10,20,30… T-Shirt, it depends on the company. Also, it is the best to use as few colors as possible (1-2), because the price goes up with each color you want to use in your design.

2. Direct to Garments (DTG) – it is just like printing on paper, but the printer uses garments instead. The advantages would be: you can use any number of colors, you can print just 1 T-Shirt if you want. Downside would be that the longevity is not that great compared to screenprinted T-Shirt. It still can last couple years if well cared for.

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