How to get free resources for your art projects?

How to get free resources for your art projects? I mean fonts, textures, photos / photo references for your art projects. , , – free stock photos, great to use as a photo reference or you could use them for your design projects since they are free, just double check website rules and photo licence to make sure it is 100% free and available for commercial use (selling your project, which includes that image). You can find some textures there as well. – various mock-ups and templates – from apparel mock-ups, to Instagram posts, stories, Facebook ads, banners, logo templates and so on… This one is not free though, but really really useful and low cost. , , – a bunch of various free commercial licence fonts, which you can use for your t-shirt designs, album covers etc… A lot of them are free, just look at the licence file on their website and when you download the font to be 100% sure. – 3D models. Some of them are free, some are not. I sometimes use 3D models similarly as a photo reference, but they allow me to look at the object from various angles, right in the browser, don’t even need to download anything. For example, I’ve never seen a real tiger in my life and I want to draw it realistically and take a closer look at him from various angles, there it goes Just don’t copy or trace those models, just use them as a reference to help you imagine things and get inspiration.

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