Hated school, hated university, hated all the 8-5 jobs

Hated school. Could not find friends that are similar to me, was a little weird I guess. Just felt different. Only thing from school that I loved was after school art class where I could draw and there were other people drawing around too. Well, I think I liked the physical education class too, but not the team sports like football or basketball, but solo ones like running, working with weights and bars, doing pushups.

Hated university. University was a little different though, since I was able to find similar people to me and made some friends. Was not feeling so alone or alienated anymore. But in general university course itself was pretty shit to be honest. Could not care less for it. Bunch of nonsense classes and pretty much a waste of a time. The only value it provided I think is overall life experience, when you start to live by yourself and outside of parents.

Hated every fuckin’ job that I’ve worked, let it be web development practise at the university, pizza delivery guy, IT customer support specialist,  or fraud prevention officer at the bank. Everywhere I felt like I am in a cage and I am not fitting in, I am an outsider, I just hate doing random nonsense work just to make a living. Also the fakery, when people pretend to like those meaningless jobs, or they say you just have to live with it, that’s the way it is, NO! I just wanted to scream and shout and say NO, that’s not the way to live, there must be another way!

Art and entrepreneurship feels like a best fit for me, it is where I live! It brings freedom to do what I want and when I want and it is a highest value to me. I don’t have to do meaningless work which will lead me nowhere. I can express myself creatively. I am my own boss, I make decisions. There is a possibility to earn a lot of money and the only limit is ME.

Anyone feeling the same? Let me know in the comments down below, would love to hear.

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