Focus on your strengths

Today I want to talk about what is the best way and has the biggest potential to help you succeed in life? These ideas, that I will talk about, are not mine and was talked about a lot of times by Gary Vee and the “internet” :). There is information all over the internet and I just accumulated it in my mind by reading, watching videos and learning stuff. I want to share that information and provide some value to the people.

There are 2 approaches to succeed in life – fix your weaknesses or go all in on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. The first one would probably lead you to being a well rounded person, but most likely average, not great or amazing. Also trying to fix your weaknesses are very, very hard! The focus on your strengths instead is way easier since you are naturally talented and this approach has the potential to make you exceptional at small domain or skill set. If you choose to go with “focus on your strengths” approach later in life you just have to find people who are good at your weaknesses and you are good at their strengths to compensate. Actually, you would  naturally attract these people by being exceptional in some specific domain or skill set.

For example, I am not good at talking with large groups of people, so I will never try to be a public speaker, I am not that good at understanding people’s emotions, so I could probably never be a social worker. I am highly introverted and I hated to work in a call center job, that I’ve had. These skills/fields are just not me and they drain me a lot of energy while not giving me any pleasure. I would also suck so bad if I would try these things, but I don’t cry about it, because I understand that everyone is different and we all have our strengths and weaknesses, we are not perfect. On the other hand, I am good at making art, playing guitar, learning very quickly, creating goals and working on them consistently, planning into the future and staying on those plans, I am good at generating ideas… you get the point… I think we all should try to find what we are good at and focus on that 10x more than we are now. I will add one though from my own experience, if your weaknesses are very bad and they interrupt with your daily life big time, fix them a little bit, just enough to get by and forget them.

The hard part though is identifying your strengths, because most people are not that self aware and don’t know themselves very well. But there are ways to change that, you can know yourself better! They could be asking your friends and family, taking personality tests like MBTI or Jordan Peterson tests, reading and trying to learn as much as possible. Also trying lots and lots of things, I mean jobs, hobbies, living in another city and everything you can think off, try it for some time and evaluate… as Gary Vee would say, figure out what you are and do YOU!

And this is the artwork of mine illustrating Charles Bukowski quote “Find what you love and let it kill you.”, which essentially means the same thing, just in different wording.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below! I would greatly appreciate if you would write if you liked the post and if it gave you any value or how I could improve them post in the future.

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