Don’t try to find your art style, instead do this

As probably most of the younger artists I’ve also tried to “develop” my own artistic style and in order to do that I’ve watched some YouTube videos and searched for information online. I wanted to be unique artist, to have my own style, to stand out from the crowd, because I’ve read that only then you can be successful. I’ve tried copying another artist’s elements and adding something of my own to make it my own “unique” style, but that didn’t worked.

Finally, after several years of practising art I’ve learned that art style comes naturally with a lot of hard work and dedication making art. It might take 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years for it to come out, but eventually it will happen. We really should not focus on trying to develop it in the beginning, because it is not important and instead we should focus on learning to draw fundamentals, improving our art and keep making art consistently and trying to find what we like to draw.

The style and skill will come eventually.

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