Doing things leads to motivation

Yes, that’s right! Actually going and doing things produces motivation and drive to keep you doing more and more, not the other way around. You don’t need to have motivation to start to do something, to create an artwork for example or film a video. You just have to push though that initial resistance and maybe a little pain and do the thing. Then what happens, you start to get a little drive to keep going, to finish the thing, you start to feel good about yourself, you finish the thing. Then you get even more motivation and you might want to improve on your previous project and then you build a momentum and it’s not that hard to keep going, because the dopamine (motivation brain chemical) keeps you going and excited. In the end of the day you have got 1000 YouTube videos done and you feel great, you are damn proud about yourself and you should be, because you worked hard for it and deserved it 100%! All you needed was just a little patience to push through that initial stage.

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