5 of my favorite music albums

I mostly listen to heavy metal music, sub-genre is not important as long as I like it and it sounds good. I like brutal heavy defined aggressive guitars. I also do listen to lots of AC/DC, some old-school blues, Joy Division and goth bands like She Past Away and Lebanon Hanover. I am not very strict on music genres, if I like it and it gives me pleasure I listen to it. If people say you are a metalhead you can’t listen to other music or you are not a metalhead if you do. I would say that’s complete nonsense kids game. I don’t care if I am considered a metalhead or not, I like what I like and labels do not concern me.

So these are 5 of my favorite music albums, not in a particular order:

Shvininiai Sharvai – Atshiaurusis. Local band from Lithuania. Super cool vocals and heavy badass guitars in my non-educated listener’s opinion :).

SODOM – In the Sign of Evil. Very fast and great if I need an energy boost. Better than energy drink or coffee :). Also a bit animalistic I would say, which I like, especially the song Blasphemer, where the singer kinda growls like a feral animal sometimes.

AC/DC – Back in Black. Contains some of my most liked AC/DC songs like “You shook me all night long”. Honestly, I like most of the AC/DC albums and songs.

Acid Witch – Midnight Movies. Gives me that classic horror vibe, which I like. The guitars are heavy and brutal, solos are great, the vocals are fuckin’ badass too.

Archgoat – Eternal Damnation Of Christ. Incredibly heavy and defined guitars, I mean you can hear them clearly. Riffs are badass. Makes me feel badass.

Feel free to share your own music that you like or post me a suggestion of a band or a song to listen to. I am always open for ideas and suggestions!

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