3 super badass dark artists that inspire me

1. The Art of Mark Riddick – Mark Riddick.

Reputable illustrator for the underground death metal music scene, launched his freelance career as a teenager in 1991. Riddick’s artwork has been published by hundreds of metal bands and other brands alike. Mark Riddick also published several books showcasing his and some other contributing artists artworks.

One of the first artists that I’ve discovered when I became interested in dark pen and ink illustrations that I’ve been following for many years. Mark inspired me to experiment with the various drawing ideas and pen and ink rendering techniques. Not gonna lie that I probably tried to copy his style in some of my early artworks :). Also, he showed that art can be just black and white and still be relevant and appreciated by people even to this day.

The thing that Mark has several art books is totally amazing and makes me want to create a book of my own art one day. Will see how that goes :).

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2. Defame Art – Samuel Ian Mills.

Samuel Ian Mills was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. Started drawing drawing demons and mutants as early as 10 years old. Defame started his career in the fine art realm, winning competitions, showing in galleries and participating in group shows and exhibitions. In 2012 Defame embarked on his journey in design and illustration. He started his business while studying at The Art Institute of Saint Louis. Now residing in Los Angeles with his wife and dog, Defame continues illustrating and designing for bands and brands.

Also one of the first artists that I discovered during the start of my inking journey in 2013. Super badass artworks and skulls. Always a pleasure to look at and get inspired. Love how he occasionally mixes some unusual colors into his brutal black and white artworks.

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3. Blial Cabal – Steven & Maranda.

Blial Cabal is a collaborative art project between Husband and Wife. Steven & Maranda – The Artist & The Printmaker. Equally intrigued by all things Metal & Macabre, they take their inspiration from the Dark Arts and Occult.

Their art gives me such a brutal and gruesome feeling in a very good way that makes me not able to stop looking at every piece that they make. It also feels very mature to me. Love the highly detailed hatching style as well. Tons of inspiration from these guys.

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All of these guys, even though they are very well known and established artists, are very humble and always help if you need an advice! They actually respond to your IG messages :). That makes me respect them even more!

I hope these artists can inspire you too, to create more amazing art. Please give them a follow on social media and check out their websites.

The Art of Mark Riddick – Mark Riddick website. 

Mark Riddick IG.

Defame Art – Samuel Ian Mills.

Defame Art IG.

Blial Cabal – Steven & Maranda.

Blial Cabal IG.


Let me know which artists are your inspiration in the comments down below!

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